Best Solar Panels for 4WD Camping

Solar panels for 4WD camping, farming and so on work simply like any other solar panel, by transforming sunlight into an electric current. This electric current is then converted using an inverter so that it can safely power up the regular 240v appliances we often take camping with us, such as mobile phones, fridges and lights. Some of the many advantages that camping with solar panels offer to campers & 4WD’ers include:

  1. The ability to travel off the grid to remote locations and still have enough power for essential electrical equipment like portable fridges.
  2. Save cash by opting for non-powered campsites.
  3. Conserve money by powering devices otherwise reliant on petrol fueled.
  4. Help the environment by harnessing energy from the sun and not a fuel emitting vehicle.
  5. Solar panels are cleaner, more silent and an energy efficient to power your devices.

Purchasing solar panels for camping can however be a daunting process, even for those experience travellers. With so many types and varieties on the market it can be hard to know where to begin. Here at Autospark we only stock REDARC solar products and equipment as we believe they offer the best in solar solutions at a reasonable price, available to most Australians. In order to find out what solar panel system is best for your situation, you need to understand the different types of solar panels on the market.

Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels are solid monocrystalline panels that yield high levels of power from the sun and provide consistent power for the 6-8 hours of sunlight on a typical day. They are a great budget option if you who don’t tend to go camping very often.

Why choose portable solar panels?

  • They are easily transportable so can be moved around a campsite to find that perfect sun spot
  • They are simple to set up and adjust so you can find the perfect angle for the sun’s position
  • A cost effective solar panel option
  • Can be effective even on cloudy days
  • Foldable, compact and lightweight
  • Designed to withstand the harsh Australian sun
Solar Blankets

For the more avid traveller, a solar blanket could be a better option. Unlike portable solar panels, solar blankets allow you to capture and store that all important energy from the sun in the battery system. This energy can then be used later in the evening when the sun goes down.

Why choose a solar blanket?

  • Solar blankets are compact and can be easily folded for storage or transportation
  • Captures the full spectrum of light so you can fully charge all your appliances, even on cloudy days
  • They are designed to charge not only automotive batteries but also caravan, and marine batteries
  • The self cleaning technology also means they are non stick and possess a high melting temperature
  • Their durability means they can last a lifetime
Fixed Solar Panels

Fixed solar panels are high-quality, monocrystalline solar panels for the serious camper or full time traveller. These durable solar panels can be fixed to all manner of 4WD cars, caravans, camper trailers and even boats! They are specifically designed to work in conjunction with your existing battery management system.

Why choose fixed solar panels?

  • As they’re already attached to your vehicle it’s a very convenient option so you can just get up and go
  • They are extremely cost effective
  • You won’t have to worry about adjusting or setting up once arriving at the campsite
  • They can easily be removed from your roof rack, camper trailer, caravan or 4WD

No matter which type of solar panel you decide is best for your camping trips, it’s advised that you invest in a solar regulator. Paired perfectly with your choice of solar panels this piece of equipment ensures that the correct charge of electricity is directed to your battery or appliance. This prevents irreversible damage that may be inflicted on your appliances or battery.

If you are considering taking advantage of the sun and investing in solar panels for camping then please call your nearest Autospark. We supply and fit a range of solar panel systems that can be customised to your requirements.