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A lot has changed in the type of battery your motorcycle needs and so the range of batteries has changed too. Rely on Autospark for the right advice, a quality battery at the right price for your pride & joy.

Modern bikes demand a significant increase in electrical supply compared to previous models.

We recommend Exide Batteries for enhanced performance, product life & value for motorcycles and two-wheeled transport of all makes and models. This new range delivers a balanced advancement in technologies and reliability.

Even for motorcycles, advancements in technology can need more power. The comprehensive Exide range provides a choice of technology, with a variety of budget levels and quality and warranty options for your 2 wheeled (or 3, or 4) pride and joy, not to mention your safety.

You shouldn’t wait until you break down to change your battery, have your battery tested at Autospark. As motorcycle electrical systems are becoming more complex, choosing the right battery for the application is extremely important, so leave it to the experts.

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Maintenance Free

The new range of Exide motorcycle batteries deliver high performance power, multi-positional fitment and fully sealed after plug installation delivering a leak-proof, spill-proof powerhouse. Suitable for the weather extremes of Australia and New Zealand, the AGM construction (immobilised acid in cells) and AGM (Glass mat) separator is the optimal choice for reliable performance in motorcycles, personal watercraft and a range of leisure products.


Exide motorcycle batteries deliver fully maintainable, non-sealed range for use in normal conditions. Lead acid construction (wet flooded) with antimony (Sb) alloy in plates and glass fibre separators, Exide Bike conventional delivers the renowned reliability for normal use in motorcycles, personal watercraft and a range of leisure products.

You can always rely on the experience and advice of your trusted professionals at Autospark for the right battery for every motorcycle.

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