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InterVolt DC Battery Charger

In the field of automotive batteries, their use, care and accessories for various uses is where Autospark shines and can advise you best. The humble battery and sundry auxiliary components have changed. InterVolt is yet another choice in maintaining power, wherever you go with their range of Battery Chargers.

The DCC Pro In-Vehicle DC-DC Battery Charger was developed for the purpose of charging and maintaining any auxiliary battery in an installation where the starting battery is used as the supply source. It has been designed for use in 4WDs, RVs, buses, coaches, caravans, campers or any vehicle with a 12VDC electrical system.


Built for our tough Australian conditions. Unlike many imported products, particularly those produced for the European market, it is designed to maintain output in the harshest of environments under the highest ambient temperatures.


    Over-Voltage and reverse polarity protection on all Power Input Terminals.
    Make the most of the DCC Pro’s 25 amp output. Input wattage is now unlimited. The device itself regulates the output current which is limited to 25 Amps maximum with 3 stage charging from solar.
    A 30 minute ‘short stop’ timer has now been implemented. If the charge cycle is interrupted the DCC will resume as before providing it is within 30 minutes.
    Updated charging algorithms with new boost, absorption and float voltages.
    Now incorporates Constant Current (CC) boost and Constant Voltage (CV) curve for boost and absorption stages for LiFePO4 batteries (with built in BMS only).
    4 metre lead as standard with the retail kit.
    Display now shows input type DC (main) or PV (solar) and charging stage. Alternate screen shows battery type.

Discover more about this unit:

The DCC Pro is a standalone power conversion device. It will manage a variety of different battery types according to their specific charging requirements. As no modification to the vehicle’s original wiring is required this ensures the manufacturer’s electrical system is not compromised in any way.

The DCC Pro is a highly innovative product with many unique features. It has the flexibility to adapt to almost any vehicle, old or new, simple or complex with or without an ECU controlled electrical system and even allows the operator to monitor the charging status from the comfort of the cabin.

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