5 Ways Investing in a Quality Car Battery Can Save You Money

Buying cheap almost always means forking out more money down the track. Whilst the inexpensive price tag seems like a fantastic bargain initially, quality investments encourage better savings. When it comes to looking after your vehicle, your car battery is no different. Unless you want to be stranded on the way to work or purchase a battery that’s undependable, it pays to invest wisely and shop around.

Your car needs a reliable, strong and juicy battery to keep things running smoothly. Unfortunately, there’s no one battery brand or solution for all vehicles though. Choosing the right battery for your car comes down to price, size, good reserve capacity, cranking amps and warranty. When it comes to your car’s battery, knowledge is power. Car batteries are your ride’s heart and soul and without a decent one, you’ll get stuck. Investing in quality car batteries save you money in the long run, but there’s multiple benefits included too.

1. Prevents Failures

Car battery failures are the most frequent motoring problem. Batteries must work hard to keep things in check – especially with the cold weather just around the corner. Car batteries that are cheap and unreliable struggle to provide enough electrical power to keep your vehicle running. Many late-model cars are equipped with special batteries too, which are designed to work with computer-controlled charging systems. If you purchase the wrong battery type or size, premature battery failure will occur.

Age and cold temperatures are the key triggers of battery failure. Car batteries will degrade over time – even the best ones. Investing in a quality battery will help to prevent premature battery failure.

2. Encourages Longer Battery Life

One of the biggest problems with ‘cheap’ car batteries is their minimal battery life. Before you purchase a battery, you can find out its cycle life. This dictates how many times the battery can be charged to full capacity and discharged before its performance starts to decline. The better battery you invest in, the longer life it’ll have. The strength of car batteries also deteriorates the longer they’re sitting on the shelf. Great auto companies will ensure battery stock is fresh to help avoid this problem. Always check the case for the date to determine how new the battery is though.

On average, quality batteries will last three or more years. High-quality batteries can last well over this period if they’re looked after properly, but it’s always advised to inspect the battery on a yearly basis. Driving habits, weather and frequent short trips all affect battery life by drastically shortening it. But if you invest in a better quality battery, you’ll be able to get the most out of it. If your car is loaded with power-hungry goodies, like extra lights and power amps, it can be worthwhile investing in a high-performance battery to extend battery life. These are designed to give you more power. Batteries that have a longer life and still performing as required won’t need to be replaced as often, saving you more money. Some batteries need replacing more than others, but the highest quality units can last anywhere from 8-10 years.

3. Less Maintenance

Car batteries have evolved a lot from the standard units and generally won’t require much maintenance. Maintenance free simply means you won’t need to top up the unit with distilled water. Higher-quality batteries with maintenance free designs can come in a completely sealed case so it can’t be open at all. Although quality batteries won’t require much, if any, maintenance, it’s vital to inspect the unit at least once a year.

Battery terminals (located at the side or on top) can be cleaned with a cloth and baking soda/water to avoid a build-up of dirt. Checking the terminals will ensure no cables or connections are corroded too. Cheaper batteries that do require maintenance will need to have a sufficient electrolyte (a mix of sulfuric acid and water) level – not too high or too low. Battery caps can be removed to check the fluid level to top up accordingly. Low maintenance batteries will have these caps, but only need a water top one once or twice a year.

4. More Advanced Technologies

High-quality batteries come with advanced battery technologies so the range and overall lifespan are increased. Developments in Lithium cell technologies have significantly boosted the quality of many car batteries, allowing drivers to save a fortune. Batteries that boast a higher level of quality than the cheap fix are made using excellent engineering techniques in well-respected factories. They are also designed with higher quality materials.

5. Quality Car Batteries come with a Quality Warranty

The length of a warranty is a big indicator on the quality of the product. If the manufacturer believes in the superiority of the unit, they’ll include a longer warranty knowing fair well the battery will last longer. Look for car batteries with a three year replacement warranty. These will also come with high ratings and good cold cranking amps, which all tie into the performance and life cycle of the battery.

If you want your battery to last the distance and avoid forking out more money than you need too, it’s important to opt for a great product. For more information about what quality battery is best for your ride, speak to one of our experienced staff today and keep the spark alive.