Common Vehicle Faults

Some problems are difficult, others can be fairly common. We can assist with our knowledge and expertise to get it sorted for you. Reply on Austospark for the right quality products and services at the right price for your vehicle.

Some issues on many vehicles are quite common. Autospark deals with these and many other issues on a daily basis. What does that mean to you? Simply, we come across problems that happen all the time, or particularly are common to certain makes and models of vehicles. This equates to a streamlined service and possibly better cost, simply because the issue can be resolved without spending too much time determining the cause, because it is common. This is helpful to you especially, as it results in a quicker service and potentially lower cost to repair.

Ignition Switches

If you turn your key and nothing happens in your BA – BF Falcon or SX – SY Territory. If you start the car the radio, windows or air conditioning and they don’t work. These vehicles are common for Ignition switch problems, the switch fails and then falls apart. We are able to replace this switch with the updated FG switch. If you are to carry out the repair the way the Dealer recommends, you will be replacing the steering column – spending over $1000!

We are able to completely remove the original switch and install a new one to your vehicle’s original steering column and you will keep the same keys with no reprograming required and it as all done at a fraction of the cost.

Central locking

Do you have a Ford BA – BF Falcon SX – SY Territory and when you lock the vehicle if beeps the horn? This is a indication your vehicle may not even be locked at all. In some cases we are able to repair the central locking motor to make this repair cheaper than replacing the entire door lock assembly, saving time & money and helping to secure your vehicle.

Window Switch

Do you have a Ford Falcon FG Territory SX SY SZ with window problems? We are able to replace these with very affordable aftermarket switches. If your switches are starting to get loose it is a good idea to change them before they fail and cause further problems.

Dash Lights

Do your dash lights only turn on sometimes? You may not be aware that the dash lights are not the only lights that won’t be working, the rear tail lights also will not be operating. This can be the result of several different problems. With a few quick checks we will be able to diagnose the problem and give you a competitive quote on the repairs.

Air Conditioning Lights

Sometimes when driving the A/C Light starts flashing and the air gets hot. This can be a series of problems from ‘over gas’ pressure, a wiring fault or a compressor coil problem. But don’t worry, we have encountered these problems before and will be able to diagnose the exact issue and a resolution of the problem and quote you on the repairs.

Window Problem
MAZDA 3, 5, 6, CX-7, CX-9, RX8

Does your Mazda’s power window sometimes make a crunching sound or do you have to help it go up? This is a very frustrating issue, but don’t worry, we are able to help you. This is a common problem and instead of spending big dollars, we can repair the motor for a fraction of the cost. Let us help you…

LED Indicator Lights

Have you fitted some LED lights to your car or truck and now the indicators flash fast or your cruise control doesn’t work? We are able to help as this is a common problem with some LED lights and vehicles. Autospark, with our vast range of experience can resolve this problem for you.

Slow Engine Cranking

Do you have a Holden Commodore and does it seem to crank slow, even after fitting a new battery? After a few simple tests we will be able to diagnose the problem and provide you with a competitive quote. Be proactive, don’t leave it until you get stuck.