FREE Battery Check

Ever wondered just how reliable your vehicle’s battery is? Is it charging correctly, is it in optimum shape, will it let you down, is it on the way out and even is it in need of replacing?

Just call in to an Autospark location near you for a free battery check. It doesn’t take long for us to give it a once-over and make sure all is as it should be, ultimately giving you peace of mind in its reliability. In addition, we will also give you a $10 voucher to use on a new Battery if you need one now, or you can use it later. (Available for 4WD’s, Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles)

With all the things a battery needs to charge on a vehicle these days, it pays to keep ahead of any potential issues your battery may present, our simple free check is a good way to keep ahead of any possible issues.

Even if you can’t rely on your current battery, you can always rely on the trusted professionals at Autospark.