FREE Headlight Check

How many times have you been blinded by someone’s headlights coming towards you in the dead of night that are blinding because they are out of alignment? These days, probably quite a lot. They can hurt your eyes, momentarily blind you and generally be a distraction.

There seems to be a high percentage of vehicles on the road these days that fit into that category, perhaps you are even one of them. One way to not be a part of the problem is to have your vehicle’s headlights checked, for free, at Autospark.
Consider this simple act as a way to extend a courtesy to other drivers because you know how much of a distraction it would be for you, they will appreciate it as you would.

Drop in anytime and we’ll be happy to check them for you. It’s a little thing that goes a long way for motoring safety and the reassurance that you are not a part of the problem on WA roads. We’re sure that other Motorists will thank you for it.