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Redarc 40A dc to dc and portable solar charging kit

Solar is another ever evolving area when it comes to daily use. More so in how we make use of it when we are in adventure mode. Camping and off-roading are areas that have benefitted greatly for the advances in solar technology. Redarc is a trusted brand that has been at the forefront for a long time. REDARC’s 40A dc to dc and portable solar charging kit is perfect for off-grid travel.

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Perfect for charging larger battery banks (200Ah+)* to allow you to travel off-grid anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks. This 4×4 offroad solar charging kit offers everything you need to keep your batteries charged for a safe journey there and back.

For a great explanation on what this all is:

Some excellent information if camping is your thing:

If you’re looking to add a secondary battery to your vehicle that will allow you to run things like fridges, inverters and other 240v devices, the 40amp BCDC will help charge your batteries (200Ah+) while you’re on the move, and the 190w solar blanket will help harness the sun’s energy to get batteries back to 100% charge when you’re setup at camp.

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