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Redarc Solar Regulators

Solar is another ever evolving area when it comes to daily use. More so in how we make use of it when we are in adventure mode. Camping and off-roading are areas that have benefited greatly from advances in solar technology. Redarc is a trusted brand that has been at the forefront for a long time. REDARC’s solar regulators are perfect for off-grid camping.

Stay on top of your vehicle’s solar system with REDARC’s advanced and state-of-the-art solar regulators. Designed to pair perfectly with our 4WD solar panels, these regulators ensure the correct charge is supplied safely and efficiently to charge your auxiliary batteries. Our regulators can be suitable for charging up to two separate battery banks, and come in 10, 20 or 30 AMP models..

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The key to effective charging with solar power

The sun is incredibly powerful, so powerful that it can potentially damage your battery through over-charging via a solar panel. That’s why a regulator is so crucial to your set up, because it works as a solar controller.

REDARC’s solar regulators act as a go-between to transfer the power generated from 12 volt and 24 volt solar panels to the battery. It ensures the power supplied by your portable solar panels is at the right battery voltage, and protects it from any risk of overcharging. Our regulators feature multi stage charging, including boost, absorption and float – so your battery is charged safely and ready to go when you need it.

REDARC’s regulators work with multiple batteries, including AGM, Standard and Calcium, and they’re ideal for permanent installation or for portable systems. Plus, they have multiple levels of protection from overheating and reverse polarity – so they’re perfect for fixed solar panels for 4WD cars, caravans and more.

Not to mention, set-up is now easier than ever thanks to genuine industry standard Anderson™ SB™50 connectors. These plugs are simple and fast to connect, with no screw terminals and no risk of frayed wires or loose terminals. Which means you can just plug in any REDARC solar solution, like solar blankets, and play.

Be sure you don’t get left behind when you’re out on a 4WD or caravan adventure, set up efficient, safe & effective battery chargers and power systems with REDARC.

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