UHF Radios

With our long history in Western Australia, we have the experience to understand your vehicle and your needs on road or off. We supply GME Communications product solutions and the know how to install it effectively, giving you added peace of mind.

Communications, beyond mobiles, are a key safety feature for to keep you connected, wherever you go.

We have a great range of GME CB Radios, fitting expertise and the right advice you need for any adventure, wherever it may be. GME offers an extensive range of UHF CB Handheld and XRS fitted radios to meet the needs of a wide variety of users and applications. From 4WDing to construction sites, agriculture to mining, GME has a radio to suit.

The industry-leading range is built tough and rugged to ensure years of reliable performance in the harsh Australian landscape.
GME’s range of Handheld radios includes 1 Watt, and 5 Watt variants in a number of different configurations, making it easy for you to select the perfect radio for any application.

XRS Connect is a new Australian Made radio platform designed to be smart, adaptable and rugged. Enabled by Bluetooth wireless technology, XRS is the first of a new generation of connected UHF radios with unique features never seen before.

You can rely on Autospark for the right advice and years of experience in fitting these often lifesaving devices into any vehicle. CB Radios are a life-saving feature if your travels take you well off the beaten path.

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Professional Communications Fitting

While the UHF devices themselves are of prime importance, the correct placement and fitting by a trained professional, is vital to have them located safely, engaged into your system correctly and thereby allowing effective and long-term reliability – often at times when you need it most.

Solid UHF communications is more than just buying a unit, there are other considerations like placement, the correct aerial, wiring and so on. This is where we shine with years of experience to make sure you get the best solution for your needs.

The benefit of our years of experience will allow you to make the right decisions for both your needs and your budget to get the best out of your product.

When it comes to the fitting of communications systems, Autospark is happy to provide the sale and installation of this potentially life-saving communications technology at select Autospark locations, just ask!

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