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A lot has changed in the passenger, light, marine and heavy duty battery world. Autospark keeps ahead of the latest and continually supplies only the best brands of battery, regardless of vehicle use.

A Deep Cycle type battery is designed so that repeated cycling will not affect the battery’s life or performance.

Unlike the “SLI” battery which provides concentrated starting power, the deep cycle type battery supplies a constant but relatively low amount of current for a long period of time when an extended power supply is preferred. Exide provides a range of batteries that are considered hybrid where they provide characteristics across both starting and cycling applications.

It is relatively simple to determine which deep cycle battery is required and how long it will operate your equipment before recharging is necessary. First you need to establish:

  • The Loading of each piece of equipment. This is expressed in watts and is stamped into the compliance plate attached to the electrical item.
  • The length of time (in hours) that it is intended to operate each piece of equipment between recharges.
  • The system voltage (6v, 12v or 24v).

Deep cycle batteries are specially designed with denser active material and thicker plates to withstand deep discharge-recharge service. They are also reinforced by envelope and glass mat separators to reduce shedding of the active material and damage from the jolting vibration of a boat on choppy water. Car batteries, on the other hand, use porous active material and thin plates so that high-amp energy can be quickly delivered for maximum starting power.

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Deep Cycle Buyers Beware

Repeated cycling weakens the positive plates and makes the active material shed from the grids. Thus, in repeated deep discharge-recharge applications, the capacity of the car battery drops below desired levels in about 50 cycles. They are not built to withstand the heavy buffeting experienced by marine batteries. They are simply designed to do a different job.

Autospark is always on top of the latest advances and information to provide you with the absolute best advice and products to keep you moving, you can rely on us.

Cheapie batteries are potentially desirable for the price point, but you do get what you pay for. We only supply top quality, well warrantied batteries to support the safest and most reliable requirements for all vehicles and uses. Autospark is always happy to provide you with the advice you need to make the right choice.

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