Dual Batteries

A lot has changed in the passenger, light, marine and heavy duty battery world. Autospark keeps ahead of the latest and continually supplies only the best brands of battery, regardless of vehicle use.

A vehicle’s alternator effectively charges the car battery while the engine is running, but what about when it’s not?

Unfortunately, once the vehicle engine is shut down, the battery stops charging. Running portable 12V appliances while the vehicle is turned off will cause your battery to lose charge rapidly and go flat, which could leave you stranded in the outback with no way to start your car. The way to solve this problem is by installing dual batteries.

So how do they work? If you are planning to run electronics accessories in your car, caravan, trailer or 4×4, it is important to ensure you have enough power. Accessories such as winches, fridges, sound systems etc. can drain significant amps from your battery, faster than your alternator can replace them.

A dual-battery system consists of two batteries termed as the ‘primary battery’ and ‘auxiliary battery’. The two batteries are wired together to the discharging/charging system which integrates the vehicle’s electrical system and a battery isolator. An optional read out device can be placed in the cab during installation which gives you the ability to check your battery levels.

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Benefits of having Dual Batteries

  • Peace of mind that you will have enough charge to start your vehicle
  • Ability to run multiple portable appliances
  • Cold food and drinks
  • A rounded adventure with the comforts of powered extras

Redarc Battery Management Systems

REDARC are the specialists when it comes to Battery Management Systems or BMS. With over 30 years’ experience, REDARC electronics have developed the most advanced technology to stop your batteries boiling or going flat.

With a Smart Start BMS, the unit is a simple ‘set and forget’ which ensures you have a charged battery when you need it most. The REDARC BMS also monitors your battery usage and displays it on its mounted LCD screen. This provides you with more control and a sense of what is happening as you utilise these kinds of systems.

Autospark can always provide you with the best advice and products to enable you to do more, wherever you go.

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