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Cars, Caravans, Trailers, Trucks, Machinery & Marine too. You can always rely on our specialist branches for specialist knowledge on your marine battery and electrical requirements.

We recommend Exide Batteries for enhanced performance, product life and ultimate value on the water.

Modern vehicles and craft demand a significant increase in electrical supply compared to previous vehicles. This new range delivers a balanced advancement in technologies and reliability.

The old ‘one size fits all’ saying is now even further from the truth, especially for Marine uses. The comprehensive Exide range provides a choice of technologies, with a variety of budget levels, quality and warranty options for your aquatic pride and joy, not to mention your safety, wherever you may need to go.

You shouldn’t wait until a failure to change your battery. If there is some doubt to its integrity, get it tested at Autospark. Electrical systems and batteries too are complex and it’s vital you purchase the right battery for the task, so leave it to the experts.

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The new range of Exide motorcycle & Jetski batteries deliver fully maintainable, non-sealed range for use in normal conditions. Lead acid construction (wet flooded) with antimony (Sb) alloy in plates and glass fibre separators, Exide Bike conventional delivers the renowned reliability for normal use in motorcycles, personal water craft and a range of leisure products.

Maintenance Free

The new range of deliver high performance power, multi-positional fitment and fully sealed after plug installation delivering a leak-proof, spill-proof powerhouse. Suitable for the weather extremes of Australia and New Zealand, the AGM construction (immobilised acid in cells) and AGM (Glass mat) separator is the optimal choice for reliable performance in motorcycles, personal water craft and a range of leisure product.


Marine Stowaway Starting

Marine starting range for outboard and inboard motors designed to deliver high power for engine starting also accommodating basic accessory loads. Sealed maintenance free calcium/calcium flooded lead acid battery built with glass matt separators to resist vibration, carry handle and rugged construction.

Marine Stowaway Dual Purpose

The sealed dual purpose range is designed to supply power for boats with one battery bank used for both starting and cycling accommodating additional accessories. These are constructed using thicker calcium plates, glass matt separators and have a different active material balancing starting ability with cycling to provide adequate dual purpose power. They must be used in an upright position and are effective in a closed ventilated environment and are generally positioned as an affordable range versus AGM and Gel.

Marine Stowaway AGM Deep Cycle

AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries are different from flooded lead acid because the acid (electrolyte) is held in the sponge-like separators. The separators are woven to increase the active surface area and hold the electrolyte on the cells. AGM battery plates can be flat or rolled and as there is no free flooding of acid, they can operate in any position and can last substantially longer than conventional cycling batteries.

Gel Cel Marine Starting

Hybrid starting and cycling applications for Leisure boats and yachts designed with GEL CELL technology and fold away handles for easy storage. The ultimate in safe low maintenance boating.

Orbital Sealed Deep Cycle Starting

The choice of Australia’s greatest adventurers. For continuous charging and recharging over years of service, the Exide Select Orbital Deep Cycle battery is our best for powering house systems over extended adventures on land or at sea.

Heavy Commercial

The real workhorse. An extensive range of batteries built tough for the heaviest applications. A number of product types available in the advanced maintenance free flat lid design. Designated by the MF after the product number. The perfect product for camping, caravanning, motor homes. plant and equipment, light commercial and Marine applications.

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