Passenger Batteries

Modern passenger vehicles demand a significant increase in electrical supply compared to older cars.

A vehicle’s battery is tasked with powering so many systems on a modern vehicle. Having the right type as a replacement is very important.

Exide Batteries for Passenger Vehicles offer enhanced performance, product life and ultimate value. This new range delivers a balanced advancement in technologies and reliability, that’s why we recommend them to our customers.

Engine improvements, hybrids, electric cars, start/stop engines and more are all considerations when purchasing the right battery for your vehicle – and should not be taken lightly.

With solid warranty support and a range of Economy, Endurance and Extreme versions, Autospark can best advise on a reliable and trouble-free option for your vehicle that will provide the best life and service.

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Advanced Technology

Not all batteries are made the same. Even more so today, cheap is just that, cheap – it won’t do the job effectively or last the distance and you need to be aware that there is quite a difference in quality. Technological advancements in vehicles means complex systems that require more power. The comprehensive Exide range provides a choice of technology, maintainable versions or sealed maintenance free, with a variety of budget levels and quality and warranty options for your pride and joy, not to mention your safety.

Don’t wait until you break down to change your battery. Avoid the hassle of being stranded in your car by having your battery tested at Autospark. Vehicle electrical systems are becoming more complex and its vital you purchase the right battery for your vehicle, so leave it to the experts.

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