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Modern passenger vehicles have a reversing camera and or sensors as part of the standard package of installed safety equipment as standard, but what if your car doesn’t?

Keeping an eye on what's in front of you and the ability to record what's going on is a modern innovation.

Many car manufacturers like Lexus, Mitsubishi, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo and the like have all installed reversing cameras in a number of their vehicles in an effort to prevent reversing incidents involving children.

Reversing cameras can greatly improve the driver’s visibility and we urge all drivers to consider reversing camera installation in their vehicle if it is not already present.

Increasingly, reversing cameras are available in vehicles and 4x4s as a standard fitment, however some manufacturers of family sedans are lagging behind and with older vehicles, they were not installed at that time at all. Reversing camera installation can result in improved visibility for many cars on our roads today. A properly-installed reversing camera could give the driver the same visibility as a five-star rated car and provide considerable peace of mind in any reversing situation.

Autospark can help if you don’t have one in your car, efficiently and cost effectively.

As technologies continue to develop, so too do aftermarket products made for making our driving safer. Reversing Cameras are a primary consideration when considering your older vehicle and the safety of operating it. Autospark can supply and install a suitable aftermarket camera to your car bringing some added convenience when reversing and the benefits it brings.

Additionally, sensors are the same, along with driver recorders (Dash Cams) are becoming increasingly popular in numerous cars because they are not standard equipment.

The benefits these bring is peace of mind in providing a visual record that can be used to prove a case in the unfortunate situation of an accident. A driver recorder, or dash cam, records video that is stored on the appliance and is retrievable to copy and use as needed.

Autospark is happy to assist with advice, sales and installation of reversing cameras, sensors and driver recorders to keep you safe and confident on the road. We are the trusted professionals

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