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Gater GHDVR72W

Confidence in understanding that you have some recorded evidence should the worst happen provides positive peace of mind. Autospark can supply and install a range of suitable Dash Cams to your vehicle to provide that added security. This model from Gater is designed to provide peace of mind, security and accurate evidence in case of a road misfortune, Gator GHDVR72W records HD 720P footage through its 152-degree wide angle lens.

What’s great about this dash cam is that you can connect your smartphone to it via WiFi. This means you can access video recordings with just a few taps using the Gator dash cam app.



  • 720P High Definition @30FPS resolution to provide clear and crisp videos
  • 152 Degree wide angle lens captures a wide field of view to ensure an incident is never missed
  • Wide Dynamic Range video enhancement technology has better exposure range making videos look clearer
  • WiFi Connectivity enables wireless smartphone connection via the Gator Dash Cam App for video downloads and camera setting adjustments
  • Hand Gesture Control enables images to be taken and videos to be saved by simply waving your hand under the dash cam
  • Optional GPS provides additional information by embedding speed and location data into the recordings (GPS7282W sold separately)
  • Super capacitor power supply works in extreme temperatures and provides enough power to securely save the last recording when power is disconnected
  • Built in G Sensor detects an impact and securely saves the video footage on the SD Card separate from the continuous loop files
  • Seamless cycle loop recording function continuously records in an indefinite loop without stopping, constantly overwriting the oldest file with the newest video
  • Advanced Parking Mode Feature captures 1 frame per second & records an impact while the vehicle is parked, when installed with the optional Gator Hard Wire Kit (GHWCUSB / GHWCUSB2)
  • The included adhesive mount simply sticks to any windscreen and the included power cable simply connects to the vehicles accessory socket
  • Supports up to 64GB Micro SD Card (not included)

With its discreet compact cylinder design the dash cam mounts to your car’s windscreen behind the rear view mirror with an adhesive bracket, minimising any obstruction to the drivers field of view. It also features Hand Gesture control allowing the driver to simply wave their hand under the dash cam to take an image and save footage when enabled.

GHDVR72W sports G-Sensor with adjustable sensitivity to securely save impact footage and a seamless loop recording functionality to ensure it continually records when the vehicle is driving. You can enjoy an even better and safer driving experience by adding in the optional Gator External GPS Antenna (GPS7282W) to record speed and location data. GHDVR72W supports up to 64GB, utilises a super capacitor for power storage; thus providing top-tier performance, resilience and surveillance reliability to the fullest.

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