Reversing Cameras

New cars have reversing cameras installed and now you can too!

Globally, children are in danger of being run over in the driveway of their home, this is an unacceptable risk, but you can do something about it. The NSW NRMA Insurance’s Reversing Visibility Index was conceived to give star ratings, the maximum is five stars. The Index, which measures how well a driver can see out the back of a car, revealed that a number of vehicle types, especially family sedans, have hazardous reversing blind areas.

Modern Car manufacturers have all included reversing cameras as standard in a lot of their vehicles in an effort to prevent reversing incidents. Reversing cameras can greatly improve the driver’s visibility and parking ability. We urge all drivers to consider reversing camera installation in their vehicle if it is not already present.

Feature enhanced reversing cameras on the rear of the vehicle provides an additional layer of visibility for the driver when reversing, offering greater safety and certainly aiding in parking for the driver.

If you have an older vehicle without a reversing camera, we can provide one and install it resulting in matched convenience and safety that newer vehicles have, resulting in improved visibility for you and your car on and off the road, especially in the driveway. A properly installed reversing camera could in-fact give the driver the same visibility as a more modern vehicle.

Autospark can help with the best products and advice to improve your car, efficiently and cost effectively.

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