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Gater GRV92MKT

Safety in our vehicles has come forward in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Things that were found in high-end vehicles have now become part of the mainstream. Reversing Cameras are all but standard on most vehicles these days. But what if your car is older and you don’t have that as a part of your safety package? Easy, an after-market camera will take the guesswork out of reversing and reversing safely. Autospark can assist you in this area with supply & fit of Gater’s 9” Touch Screen HD Mirror Display 1080P HD Dual Camera Kit.

The Gater GRV92MKT features a large 9” high definition touch screen display that simply clips over the existing rear view mirror in the vehicle. The mirror has dual camera inputs and comes supplied with two 1080P HD cameras. One camera comes with a 5.4M video extension cable, while the other camera comes with 2 x 10m video extension cables.



  • 9″ Touch Screen HD Display, for streaming and reversing
  • Dual Camera Inputs, includes 2 cameras that can be mounted virtually anywhere on the vehicle or even on a trailer
  • 1080P HD Resolution, produces clear footage from both cameras to capture critical details
  • Wide Angle Lens, 110° camera angles minimise blind spots around the vehicle
  • Both cameras can be used as either front or rear view as the image can be flipped on the display
  • Streaming Mode, view the rear camera at any time or a clear unobstructed view
  • Reversing Mode, the heavy duty camera switches to reverse mode when reverse gear is engaged
  • Surface Mount Cameras, designed to mount in various locations at the front or rear of the vehicle
  • Parking Guidelines, display on the heavy duty camera when the reverse trigger cable is connected and reverse gear is engaged
  • Clip-On Mirror Mount, installs easily on the rear-view mirror in virtually any vehicle
  • 5.4M Camera Cable, for the small surface mount camera enabling installation at the front or rear of the vehicle
  • 2 x 10M Camera Cables, for the heavy duty surface mount camera enabling installation anywhere on the vehicle or on a trailer
  • Wired System, eliminates interference between the monitor and cameras for clear vision
  • Optional Gator GTK1 recommended to be used when installing the heavy duty camera on a trailer or caravan (sold separately)
  • GUNIHWC Hard Wire Kit available for connection via vehicle fuse box instead of using the included accessory socket power adaptor (sold separately)
  • The Heavy Duty Camera is compatible with the GATOR Prolink Extension cables, the lead can be extended to a total distance of 40M between the Monitor and Camera

Safety is important not only for the driver, but also for the greater safety of other people working around them. With much greater vantage and awareness around the vehicle in tow, drivers can work in a more productive manner with lessened possibility of dealing potential damage to individuals, other vehicles, objects or infrastructure around their work area.

On this unit both cameras can be displayed on the mirror while driving and to change between cameras you can simply slide your fingers across the display. The heavy duty camera also has a reverse trigger cable, when connected to the vehicle it will display parking gridlines while in reverse. The kit includes an accessory plug power cable for easy installation and only a small amount of wiring is required to active the reverse camera feature.

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