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Projecta DC Battery Charger

In the field of automotive batteries, their use, care and accessories for various uses is where Autospark shines and can advise you best. The humble battery and sundry auxiliary components have changed. Projecta is yet another choice in maintaining power, wherever you go with their range of Battery Chargers.

Compact in size but full of features, this small yet powerful charger can be set to suit a range of battery chemistry types and sizes, ideal for charging deep cycle batteries used by travellers and work vehicles.


A sleek and modern controller that can be flush or surface mounted depending on the requirement. Supplied as standard with the 25A, 35A, 50A and 8A 24V chargers, it is equipped with a fully functional control panel and LCD screen, providing the same functions as found on
the charger itself. Its key advantage is it permits the user to control and monitor the charger’s performance remotely, allowing the charger to be mounted out of sight. The remote is able to display the voltage when power is off, with the backlit screen dimming after 2 minutes.


  • Multi-Chemistry
    Set the charging profile to suit battery chemistry type: Wet, Calcium, AGM or Gel
  • Adjustable Output
    Adjustable for different battery sizes for precise charging
  • Power Supply Mode
    Retains vehicle computer settings when changing a battery or can run 12V appliances
  • Safer Charging
    Spark free and polarity protected
  • Shock & Dust Proof
    Durable construction and safer charging with spark free and polarity protected connection

Intelli-Charge incorporates the latest technology in battery charging to deliver a charge suitable for automotive, calcium, marine and all types of deep cycle batteries including Gel and AGM.

The 7 stages of charging ensure maximum battery life and performance are delivered with a faster charging time and ensure a complete charge is achieved by testing and reconditioning the battery if needed. World leading electronics guarantee the battery receives the ultimate charge.

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