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Topo Centerfire Lithium Pack

How we do things these days is changing all the time. 4WD’s have benefited greatly over the years with new ways of doing things, even in areas of vehicle power, especially for Off-Roaders. The Topo Centerfire Lithium Battery Pack is the latest in mobile power solutions. Built-in a sturdy steel casing and tailored for adventure on and off the trail, it is the toughest portable power supply out there.

The Centerfire is a powerful, versatile, tough, and convenient true portable power system. It has the flexibility of being chargeable from mains, vehicles, and solar power sources. Topo’s Centerfire Lithium System weighs in at 10.5 kg(72AH), making it a much lighter alternative to common lead-acid batteries. Keeping your 12v power system neat, clean, straightforward, and hassle-free.



  • A massive 12V / 72Ah (864 Watt) Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
  • Weighs in at 10.5kg, it is less than a third the weight of a traditional lead battery
  • Topo’s inbuilt Vehicle charge sense protects the starter battery from going flat
  • Topo’s inbuilt 40Amp DC/DC vehicle charge
  • Regulated solar charge input max 25A
  • Tough 10 Amp mains charger
  • Topo’s Mag series 12Volt distribution board
  • A handle that folds flat, allowing for easy transport and storage with no wasted space
  • Easy access to Centerfire charging inputs and outputs – 1x 12V 50Amp ( Peak 65Amp draw)

Utilise Topo’s built-in 40Amp DC/DC Charger for Vehicle fast charging. When out on the road where Mains power is nonexistent. Topo’s built-in Vehicle voltage sense protects your vehicle starter battery from going flat when vehicle charge is connected. The unit has a dedicated Solar charge input for an unregulated solar power source. easily charge, collect and store solar power from the sun when stationary to be used later in the evening and is supplied with Topo’s 10Amp Mains charger.

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