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JW LED Headlight Conversion Kit

These days vehicle headlights are super bright, a lot are LED and LED technology which are brighter and tend to last longer than their traditional counterparts of old. They aid in providing better visibility when you need it most driving at night. For older vehicles, there are after market solutions that go a long way towards bridging that gap, ultimately providing far superior lighting to your pride and joy.

A lot of vehicles have a more modern standard these days, but what if yours doesn’t, how much is better replacement lighting worth? If your car is older and you don’t have that as a part of your package, Autospark can assist you in this area with supply & fit.

JW Speaker’s LED Headlight Conversion Kit – Direct Fit, Identical connection system to halogen bulbs.



  • 6 LED chip per beam – 25W
  • 1800 Lumens per bulb
  • 6000K colour
  • Ultra long life
  • 12-24V Multivolt
  • Shock resistant
  • Will operate in temperatures -40/+130°C
  • IP65 Weather resistant
  • Internal driver and CANbus technology

JW Speaker understand that their traditional LED Bulb Kit, the Evolution 4000, may not physically fit all vehicles. There have been some instances of the aluminium base hitting the plastic moulding of the headlight, stopping the bulb from locking and securing into place. For this reason JW Speaker have designed a range of LED bulbs called Direct Fit.

These bulbs share an identical connection system to the halogen bulbs they are going to replace, meaning there is no extra wiring or modules to fit into the headlight. This range really is as simple as removing the old halogen bulb and replacing it with the new LED bulb.

In the most recent update to the range, some of the products that have a right angled base have had a slight sizing modification to allow for better fitment into vehicles like the Ford Ranger where the plastic moulding of the headlight stopped the bulb rotating into place properly.

Vehicle electronic systems can still conflict with the LED bulb. This range of bulbs comes with some built in CANbus technology to cancel out those issues however there are some vehicles with electronic systems so technical that they require an additional CANbus unit during installation. The CANbus unit will allow the vehicle’s electronics to accept the LED bulb into its system.

Warranty is 2 Years – Standard driving conditions: For normal day to day driving & recreational 4×4.
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