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Automotive illumination has gone through some changes of late. With the introduction of LED Lighting, Spotlights for vehicles have altered considerably for how these products are made and the difference they can make to your vehicle.

Autospark has been selling and recommending spotlights for off road vehicles for years. As technologies change, we keep pace to provide you with the best advice to suit your needs, no matter what the vehicle and whatever type of spotlight you may need, like the Ultima Series of quality Lights from Narva.


Engineered to be brighter and bolder, the MK2 range of Ultima LED High Powered Driving Lights produce a mind-blowing 30% more light with a 20% longer beam than the first generation. An improved Colour Rendering Index offers natural light colour and improved visibility. A bold new look, including 3 new colour trims and dark tinted “stealth” lens covers will ensure your vehicle stands out from the crowd.


  • 30% brighter
    The very latest 5 Watt Osram LEDs produce a powerful white light output that is 30% brighter than the first generation.
  • 20% longer
    A class-leading hybrid beam pattern combining volume for off-road 4WD use and long range performance for transport.
  • 100% bolder
    New Black Edition lamps, three bold colour trims and dark tinted “stealth” lens covers (kits only).
  • Improved colour
    A new Colour Rendering Index of 72 provides a more natural light colour and better visibility.
  • Made for Australia
    Designed, tested and engineered in Australia to suit our unique driving conditions.

Part of the top-of-the-range Ultima L.E.D family, Narva’s High Power Driving Lights have been designed, engineered and tested in Australia to suit our unique driving conditions. Super strong, fully sealed and virtually unbreakable, they’re impervious to shock and vibration on unsealed roads. The built-in ‘Active Thermal Management System’ (ATMS) ensures the L.E.Ds
stay cooler longer, resulting in more peak output over extended periods of operation.

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