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Dynamco 4CL-001 CYCLOPS 4 Door Central Locking Kit

Convenience features in our vehicles has been through a lot of changes over the years. From a simple LED light to much more complex items. One area that many owners probably take for granted is the central locking feature for our cars. Convenient, aids in security and is just plain handy.

A lot of vehicles have this feature as standard these days, but what if yours doesn’t, how much is convenience worth? If your car is older and you don’t have that as a part of your package, Autospark can assist you in this area with supply & fit.

Dynamco’s 4CL-001 CYCLOPS 4 Door Central Locking Kit



  • Electro-Mechanical activation
    Lock and unlock all doors by operation either front doors
  • Electro-Mechanical activation
    This module uses negative lock and unlock signals from a remote alarms/immobilisers to mechanically operated the lock mechanism of a car door

Each kit uses a master actuator for each front door, and a slave actuator for the rear door (4 in total). Master actuators control all actuators. Supplied with all metal brackets, superior 3 point fixing clamps with slot / cross head screws, rods, worms, speed nuts and cabling required for standard installation. Includes active central locking controller.

The system circuitry is designed to protect itself against accidental battery polarity reversal. This can happen when replacing the vehicle battery.

The power supply wire to the system is protected against an internal fault within the system. The warranty guarantees the product is free from manufacturing defects for 12 months from time of purchase.

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