Vehicle Lighting

There is nothing more important than the safety of you and your family. With that in mind, you can always rely on us for the know-how and experience in vehicle lighting to fix your car - and get it right.

Vehicle Lighting Options

New & improved Headlights, Tail Lights, Indicators, LED’s, Replacements, Upgrades, Fuses and more.

Performing a vital role in any form of safe motoring, the lights on your vehicle are of primary importance. They need to work and be effective. They need to sometimes be adjusted, have globes replaced, be aligned correctly, upgraded, to have new globes fitted and more. It is a legal requirement that your lights be in good working order.

Our Auto Electricians are fully qualified and have complete experience on all aspects of car lighting. We can offer advice on spotlights, upgrades, more effective lighting and advice on caravan & trailer lighting too. You can always expect a professional service at all times together with our competitive pricing from your trusted professionals at Autospark.

Parts, Service & Advice

We have the parts, we can replace as necessary, upgrade where you need, provide the best solutions in lighting for your car or 4WD and are always happy to offer the best advice.

With the advent of LED lighting, this arena has changed dramatically in recent times. From a simple replacement to your car’s interior lighting or a full and modern revamp with better options for improved vision, we’re there.

Spotlight choices for your 4WD adventures have been one area in particular that has changed a light. From a simple globe style spotlight from years gone by to full LED Bar Spotlights to really get the job done. Autospark will always offer the best solutions for your lighting needs, no matter what they are or where they are for. All sorts of vehicles, all sorts of lighting, we can even restore your old headlights. Parts, service and installations, even custom, you can rely on the trusted professionals.

Headlight Alignment & Adjustments

Misaligned headlights can be a hazard for on coming drivers and having your headlights aimed correctly can dramatically improve headlight performance. An Autospark trained technician has the equipment designed to accurately aim your headlights to achieve their maximum performance.

Headlight Upgrades
  • More efficient & better
  • Up to 100% more light on the road where you need it the most
  • Up to 100% high gas pressure for maximum performance and a dramatic increase in lifespan
  • Eye catching chrome top with blue ring around collar for increased colour temperature
  • Environmentally improved with lead and mercury free technology
  • Make your older headlights shine like never before with a replacement
Headlight Maintenance

Misaligned headlights can not only be uncomfortable, but also distracting and even a hazard for oncoming drivers. Having your headlights aimed correctly can dramatically improve headlight performance and other motorists will be safer too. An Autospark trained technician has the equipment designed to accurately aim your headlights to achieve their maximum performance.

Daytime Running Lights

A European study has shown that 40% of accidents occur during daylight hours. With Daytime Running Lights (DRL), it is believed that the accident rate can be reduced with improved visibility and the extreme white and powerful light of DRL makes a vehicle highly visible to pedestrians and oncoming traffic. DRL’s have an extremely low energy consumption compared to existing dipped-beam headlamps or fog lights.

The plug-and-play wiring includes hi-tech electronics making for a simpler fit. This dramatically simplifies the wiring for the installer and is a real time saver even for the professional. Rely on the trusted professionals at Autospark who can help with the right product and expert advice.

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