The Benefits of Installing a Reversing Camera in your Vehicle

A reversing camera is a specially designed camera that’s mounted to the rear of the car, usually above the license plate, to improve the rear view. When driving forward, you can clearly see almost everything in front of you through your windscreen. But when reversing, say into a parking space, the vision is restricted behind you, making it difficult to park in tight parking spaces. 

Reversing cameras are sometimes referred to as ‘backup cameras’ or even ‘rear-view cameras’, have become quite popular in the last few years as after-market products and of course they are all but standard in today’s new vehicles.

When reversing a vehicle, you’re never going to get the full picture. Your vision is limited by the bulk of the vehicle behind you, tight spaces, or places where there are obstacles, your options are limited to moving very slowly or making a passenger get out and guide you in safely. It can also be very difficult to judge exactly where your car ends and an obstacle begins, especially if your vehicle has a towbar or if you’re driving an unfamiliar vehicle.

Greater visibility

Beginning with the most obvious advantage, reversing cameras give you a much greater idea of what’s behind your vehicle. Certain brands will give you a greater field of view or better video quality than others, but in general, reversing cameras are an excellent innovation that take all of the guesswork out of backing up your, making reversing a vehicle easier and a lot safer too.

Eliminate Blind Spots
The rear-view mirror on your car can only show you so much of what is behind, and even turning your head to look around while you back up does not always help. A reversing camera helps eliminate blind spots as you back up safely. 

Now that after-market car reversing cameras are so readily available, Autospark can help with choice and installation, making your older vehicle just a safe as a newer one.

Reduce Accidental Damage

Studies have shown time and time again that reversing causes a large percentage of vehicle accidents, despite the fact that you’re often reversing at very low speeds. An estimated 1 in every 4 accidents happen while backing up, and there’s a very real danger when there are children or pets around who may not fully understand road safety. 

Even if it’s a minor collision with a wall or another car, it can still be a huge headache when you factor in the cost of paint jobs and the like. The rear-view camera, custom-designed to stop accidents before they happen is a modern convenience that makes so much sense. With a better visual range, you are able to see obstacles long before your car makes contact with them.

Park with More Confidence

Driving can be a stressful task for some, with even well experienced drivers feeling the pressure when operating a large, unwieldy vehicle. Reverse parking is one of the most stressful tasks of all, since the steering directions are also reversed and you’ll often be backing up in a tight environment, like a parking bay in a car park or facility.

Anyone might find it a little nerve-wracking at times to be operating a heavy machine without an idea of how close they are to a wall, or another car, making a reversing camera the perfect thing to restore confidence.

Easier to Hook-up Trailers

You can fit large rear-view mirrors to give you a larger and clear view of what is behind you. Although these mirrors have been found to reduce accidents on the road, turning your head to look around while hooking up your trailer doesn’t always allow you to see everything. Reversing cameras provide onscreen guidelines to help drivers with a trailer gauge distance from various objects in their path. As well as making it easier to hook up a trailer, reversing cameras help eliminate blind zones as you back up. That said, there are things you can have installed that assist with caravans too.

You can rely on our experience

After-market Reversing Cameras offer many advantages to drivers either on or off the road, with or without a trailer or caravan and Autospark have always been at the forefront of the latest innovations.

Autospark stocks a range of the most popular and best of brand camera versions to choose from like Gater and they are experts at fitting them for you too. If you need advice, you can always rely on the professionals at Autospark for the best in Reversing Cameras.