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We have experience with virtually any kind of vehicle and the know how to fix any electrical issue you may have with your Four Wheel Drive. For repairs, 4WD products and much more, Autospark will keep you running and safe both on and off the road.

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4WDs and SUVs these days can have a host of additional power features these days.

Spotlights, Winches, Dual Battery Systems, Inverters and even Solar. Going off the beaten path is not as ‘basic’ as it used to be. Utilising a host of new and improved products can enhance your fun off the road so much more. Autospark has years of experience with 4WD’s and can provide you with a wealth of advice, products and expertise to make your adventures that much better.

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For 4WDers, electric winches can drain significant amps from the vehicle battery quicker than an alternator can replace them, so a dual-battery system can be set up so you can run the winch off both batteries. You should consider what 12V electrical items you expect to run from the dual-battery system and then calculate how much power source (watt hours) you will require to run all the items and how long you want to run the items between recharges. It is recommended you then factor in about a 25-30% safety margin. This calculation will assist in deciding the amount of amp hour battery you need.

Dual-battery systems

A dual-battery system consists of the two batteries with one termed as the ‘primary battery’ and the other the ‘auxiliary battery’, battery cradles, wiring for the discharging/charging system which integrates the vehicle’s electrical system and a battery isolator. An optional visual read-out device can also be placed in the cab of the vehicle for you to check on the battery charging or battery power storage level. We have years of experience you can benefit from without extensive knowledge in these types of systems, we supply and install for you.

Power Inverters

If you wish to run 240V appliances such as a 240V TV or a laptop computer in your vehicle from a 12V system you will need to install an inverter. An inverter is an electrical device that converts 12V Direct Current (DC) from the batteries to 240V Alternating Current (AC). Inverters also draw their power from a 12V deep cycle battery or battery bank (several batteries wired in parallel). Let us help you supply, fit and install what you need.

Auxiliary Lighting

Gone are the days of the basic spotlight bolted to your Roo Bar. With the advent of LED lighting, the sky is the limit. Conventional shaped spotlights are still in use, but with greatly enhanced lighting power. Similarly, LED Bar Spotlights are very much sought after these days for the ultimate in seeing where you need to go. There are a host of other lighting options available too from top quality makers, such as Hella. We can be of great help in advising what you may need to fulfil your requirements.

Solar Options & More

Beyond dual battery systems and inverters, there are other options to enhance your 4WD experience. Solar is an area we can help you with as we have years of experience and can bring you the best from Redarc and a variety of other top brands. From solar panels to solar blankets, vehicles to caravans, just ask us.
Autospark can also help with the supply of adventure fridges and freezers too from National Luna. Great products to help make your time roughing it a little less, rough. Relay on the trusted professionals for all your needs.

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