What are Jump Starters all about?

If you’re an avid four wheel driver, you’ll know the importance of having a suitable tools at your disposal. Even if you’re not and you just like to be prepared for every eventuality, you will have the peace of mind that comes from having a portable jump starter. If you do find yourself with a flat battery, sometimes it’s not always the case where another driver will stop and help you out.

What is the main benefit of a jump starter?

The most obvious advantage of a jump starter is that it eliminates the need to find someone to loan their car to be used as a host vehicle, which is needed when using booster cables. This advantage isn’t just about the hassle of having to find someone willing to help you. It is also a safety consideration and the need for a set of heavy-duty cables.

Often, Winter is the most common time for your car to require a jumpstart. The cold can affect battery performance to the point where your car simply won’t start, particularly in cars where a battery might be aging.

Older batteries are more susceptible to performance degradation in cold weather and may need the help of a portable jump starter unit to help you get back on your way. If your car is generally outside, the first warning an aging battery might give is a complete failure to start as many modern batteries will be fully capable right to the end.

Of course, it’s less of an issue these days than it’s been in the past but draining the battery from accidental use is another cause of the dreaded ‘flat’. Leaving your headlights on or the stereo running can quickly drain your battery’s remaining charge – especially when the battery is nearing the end of its life.

Relying on the kindness of strangers, or calling roadside assistance is one thing, but an affordable, ready-to-use emergency jump starter will save you the effort; and could even double as a handy battery pack, perfect for charging your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or any other portable device.

How does an emergency jump starter work?

An emergency jump starter is basically a portable battery which boosts your vehicle’s battery to enable the required charge to start the engine. The unit comes with jumper clamps which attach to the battery terminals and an LED light and USB port for the charging of electronics likes mobile phones and tablets.

Another consideration of emergency jump starters is safety. You want to ensure you can’t injure yourself or damage your vehicle’s precious electronic components when using the unit. Jump Starters are specifically designed for jump starting, and incorporate surge protection, short-circuit, and over-heating protection as standard.

Lightweight and easy to use, jump starters are typically weatherproof and drop resistant. Their compact size means they can easily be carried in your vehicle’s glovebox or console, well out of sight and ready for use should you ever need it. Let’s face it, often we only need something when we need something, so your question would probably be why? Now imagine it pouring down with rain, you’re late for work and your car won’t start. It will take well over an hour for roadside assistance to show up and in bad weather, no one is stopping to help, least of all at peak traffic times. Out of your glovebox comes your jump starter, connect it, start your engine and you are away, as simple as that.

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