What are the advantages of Battery Packs?

Once upon a time, the best you could do was a gas light, a small gas hotplate, a torch and a tent. And that was about it. Nowadays, technology has massively evolved, especially when it comes to power.

What is the main benefit of a Battery Pack?

You’ll also see them referred to as a ‘Power Pack’. They do not need a fuel or a battery charger to run, and have built-in sockets, chargers and monitors. Having access to power when you’re off the grid is an increasingly essential non-luxury, and while your vehicle can supply some of your needs in the short term, the support of a secondary power supply offers a number of benefits vehicle power just cannot.

Keeping them at the Ready

Primarily, your vehicle’s power supply isn’t drawn down when used for an extended period. This means that your vehicle’s battery is always charged and ready when you need to crank over the engine. The other main benefit of this kind of secondary power is that it can be charged separately to the vehicle’s battery. This means that for a portable power solution, it can be used remotely from your vehicle, caravan, or camper trailer.

Often, portable power systems are suited to someone who goes out adventuring infrequently or is not willing to invest in a more involved dual battery system. Your usage is going to determine what kind of portable power system best suits your requirements.

What makes a portable power system more practical than a battery that stays in your vehicle is its portability. You can set up camp or work away from your vehicle, caravan, or camper trailer, while still charging the unit from solar power. You also don’t need to carry and charge the unit while commuting through the week, leaving it at home or in the garage when it can be maintained via a domestic power outlet until you’re ready to use it.

Portable power systems can also be charged on-the-go. This gives a portable power system a ‘best of both worlds’ level of appeal for a lot of different users, the unit able to be charged from your vehicle. A good portable dual battery pack does everything a hard-wired dual battery system can do, and then some. Being portable has a number of benefits and is often the most affordable solution, especially in the long run.

Camping batteries are great for shorter trips and weekends away, because they can run smaller appliances and devices, from portable fridges to phones, laptops and lights.

What appliances do you want to run?

Smart phone chargers, lights, fridges – different appliances draw different amounts of power. So, think about what you want to run when on your trip. If you want to run high power drawing appliances, you’ll need to buy a higher amp hour power pack.

How much do you want to spend?

Prices depend on the battery size and brand. Some camping batteries come with different in-built features, such as a DC to DC charger. If you’re on a tight budget, keep it basic. Power up the backyard during parties, use the portable dual battery as a power station to run lights or media players in any corner of the backyard. In the case of a power outage, your battery can run a bunch of lights and with the addition of an inverter even power up the TV or laptop.

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