6 Ways to Enhance Your Car’s Features

Vehicles have evolved over the years. They’re no longer meant only to transport you from one location to another. They’re now designed to entertain, communicate, and keep you safe as you journey on. If you’re considering upgrading your vehicle or looking to enhance its natural features, here’s the top auto improvements that can boost your driving experience and better your ride.

1. Custom Lighting

The latest automotive lighting solutions are a fabulous combination of high-technology illumination and smart automotive design. Both factory lights and aftermarket lights come with the latest lighting technology that lets you see and be seen. They’re cleverly integrated into the body of the vehicle, thereby improving the exterior appeal of the car along with the interior ambience as well.

There are plenty of custom lighting solutions to choose from. LED’s, fibre optics and projector beams are all the rage at the moment. You can even customise your auto lights by installing light bars, off-road lights, wheel-well lights, customised signal lights and underbody light kits.

2. CB Radios

CB Radios are high-performance radios that offer you short-range radio communication. The latest CB radios come with digital scanning technology, advanced signal management and excellent performance across 80 ultra-high frequency channels. There’s a range of GME CB radios that are ideal for harsh operating environments.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CB radio enthusiast or someone who wants to make use of this life-saving radio service, these radios are designed for better road trips and a higher level of safety.

3. Hands-free

If you’re stuck with an older vehicle that lacks hands-free capabilities, it’s worth installed a hands free kit. Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of everyday life – but mixed with driving they can be a danger on the roads. This is why installed hands-free is essential. There’s the battery-powered Bluetooth speaker option which connects to your phone to go hands-free, or you can purchase a unit that plugs directly into your car’s accessory power jack.

The latest model smartphones also allow you to interact with your phone by simply using your voice. Hands-free gadgets allows the driver to make calls while driving without jeopardising comfort or safety; but they also offer more features like listening to music through the phone on the car’s speakers.

4. Black Knight Global

According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, motor vehicle theft has gone up 8% in Australia from September 2015 to September 2016. 55, 571 cars were stolen within this time frame too. Black Knight Global tracking systems prevent you from becoming a victim of car theft and help protect your investment. The tracking system offers real-time monitoring via an app on your smartphone device and can also be installed on your caravan or boat.

5. Fridges

Installing a fridge in the car is a smart way to keep beverages and food items cool on long drives or when you’re heading out. Great for drivers that are on the road a lot or for those weekend camping trips, portable car fridges need less power than you expect to run and won’t kill the car battery.

National Luna Fridges are at the top of the market, with a selection of Weekender models that are programmed to run on mains power when it’s available. The unit switches to battery power consumption when the mains go off. The Weekender 52 Lt can accommodate 84 standard sized drink cans.

5. Reversing Camera & Sensors

As cars evolve, many models are making it mandatory to have a reversing camera and or a sensor for safety purposes. Having surround view cameras and reversing sensors are essential to preventing deaths and help to protect your vehicle from damage. These cameras are designed to give you a bird’s eye view of your vehicle and warn you when you’re too close to an object both in front of you and behind you.

A few Nissan and Infiniti models already come equipped with this added layer of protection. They come with wide-angle cameras that show you surround view of your vehicle. Older cars can easily have a sensor installed to prevent reversing incidents and improve reversing visibility. And with driveway death becoming a big issue in Australia, reversing cameras are a smart investment every driver should consider.

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