How to Choose the Right Auto Electrician

Cars, trucks and boats have come a long way technologically over the last decade, and these developments have brought with it an increase in demand for professional Auto Electricians. We invest so much of our hard-earned cash in our vehicles, it’s important we hire the right people to maintain and fix them when things so wrong.

With such a high demand on auto electricians in the modern age, there’s been a rapid increase in regular mechanics or (even worse) unqualified mechanics claiming to be skilled in this niche field. It’s vital to the life of your car that you choose the right auto electrician for your vehicle. So, what should you look out for when finding a good auto electrician?

Highly Trained

An auto-electrician will have a skillset that covers many areas and it’s important they are highly skilled across a whole range of electrical tasks that all vehicles require. Check they have experience in the following areas (as a minimum):

Ongoing training is essential in this field as car technology rapidly and constantly evolves. Much of the engineering technology and latest electrical equipment seen today are very hi tech and sophisticated, requiring an expert to diagnose and fix any issues.


In addition to experience and training it’s also vital that you search out a qualified auto electrician. Do not employ anyone who doesn’t hold a certified qualification in auto electrics, as not only are you risking things going horribly wrong, it can also affect your warranty. Many warranties are only honoured if a qualified auto electrician has a certified qualification or licence, so double check this before you hand over your keys.


Although training, skills and certifications are important, an auto electrician can only be as good as the tools they have to work with. With so much change in the electrical equipment industry it’s important for them to keep their equipment up to date and able to deal with the growing demands of the modern world.

Shop Around

It certainly pays to shop around. These days there is a growing number of auto electricians however, they don’t necessarily offer equal services. It’s always best practice to get a detailed quote form at least 3 different mechanics, and don’t necessarily go with the cheapest option.

You often get what you pay for so if the quote seems remarkably cheap it’s more than likely too good to be true. A professional auto mechanic will not sell their services for less than what they are worth, which means they value the work they carry out. Going with a cheaper option may end up costing you in the long run.


Always do your homework on an auto electrician who you are thinking about using. Testimonials, reviews and word of mouth are the best indicators of a good or bad service. It always important to bear in mind that every business will get the odd sticky review (thus is life) but if the reviews are generally all a high star rating, this is a good indicator that they are reputable. Word of mouth is the best method to investigate reputation as no one would recommend a business they’ve had any issues with.

There are many auto electricians out there to choose from, but bear in mind they do not all offer the same service. At Autospark we pride ourselves on offering you the best advice and delivering a service using highly trained staff and quality equipment in all our locations. We not only service cars but also caravans, boats, 4WD and trucks so if you have an electrical issue with your vehicle contact one of our branches today.