Invest in Your Car this Winter

Are you considering any upgrades to your car this winter? Here are a few investments which would be worth your while.

Electric Brakes can provide more stopping power than standard brakes. With the ability to adjust them according to the load you are pulling, they are especially preferred for caravans, trailers or towed vehicles. Other advantages include that the brakes stay engaged when stopping on an incline, they work equally well in both forward and reverse and they don’t accidentally activate and release over rough terrain. Electric brakes can still be manually applied as necessary, so you really do have the flexibility you need to be safe.

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Dual Batteries can be useful for several reasons. Double the battery gives you double the energy storage. This can be used to listen to your radio without it being affected by the engine or without draining your starter battery. It can also be used to increase the current capacity for the vehicle. This is especially useful when using a diesel engine where it requires a lot of internal heat to start. Extra current capacity helps the starter crank over at a higher speed, giving diesel engines an added starting boost.

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Reversing Cameras could easily become required in the near future. Given the NRMA conducted research urging drivers to consider reversing technology to help avoid unnecessary collisions, perhaps it’s time to give yourself an extra set of eyes when reversing or parking.

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Reversing Sensors are easily just as important as reversing cameras. Cameras alone won’t tell you how far you are from the next car or a brick wall. For those more spatially-challenged, parking sensors can make all the difference by alerting the driver to the fact that they are too close to a bin or person. Avoid injuries and accidents; if you have to drive (and park) in a large city, such as Perth, then reversing sensors make a very sensible investment to protect your car from damages.

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Daytime Running Lights are very important safety features, especially in adverse weather. The biggest reason for these extra lights is visibility. If you can see better and can be seen better, you are far less likely to get into an accident. Increased visibility equals increased safety. Spotlights are also useful when using your vehicle to assist others If you do night-time off-roading or bush camping (with the help of your vehicle), spotlights can help you enjoy a good time without compromising safety.

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Immobilisers are increasingly required on vehicles, including in Western Australia. As it is the onus of the buyer to have the immobiliser fitted, you may have dodged the bullet so far, but if you decide to sell your car, it will be easier to sell if this is already done. But it shouldn’t take a law to make it obvious that immobilisers are a good idea. Designed to prevent a thief from being able to drive off in your vehicle, an immobiliser will probably reduce your insurance premiums, making it an extremely cost-effective investment to make. An immobiliser does need to be installed by an approved installer to be certain that it meets the current requirements.

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This winter is the perfect time to invest in your vehicle. With all the time you spend in it, it makes sense to treat it to a few things designed to make your driving time safer and easier.