Battery Packs

Autospark has always and continues to be well versed in all things auto electrical, including power needs for camping, for your caravan or trailer and much more.

Wherever you are going in our great outdoor adventure world, there are many products to make the most of your power supply needs.

Autospark has the experience and know-how providing the best and most effective products and services to 4WD, Caravan and Camper owner’s needs. We supply and fit a host of outstanding products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Battery Packs have been an interesting development of late, giving you the ability to provide power on your outdoor adventure, where you need it. Lithium Systems are designed to provide access to fast, clean, quiet energy to power virtually whatever you need.

Typically housed in a sturdy casing, you can place them where they are required to power all manner of things and they have the ability to recharge through either mains, vehicle or even solar power. Portable, compact and built to make more of the great outdoors for you.

If you want the best in advice, products, fitting and maintenance, you need Autospark. For any questions you may have or need some guidance, just ask.

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