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Redarc Smart Start SBI 12/24V

Automotive battery use and care has drastically changed over the years. With the introduction of LED Lighting, Solar, Camping Equipment, Dual Batteries and so on, the humble battery and sundry auxiliary components have changed. Redarc is at the forefront of this area with a range of well established and reliable products, like Battery Isolators.

Microprocessor controlled, this dual battery isolator is designed to protect the start battery from excessive discharge while allowing the auxiliary battery to supply power to non-essential loads. Dual sensing models can be used to isolate the start and auxiliary batteries in a system where the
auxiliary battery is being charged by another source, such as solar panels.

The REDARC Smart Start SBI is Australia’s most trusted dual battery isolator, used by 4WD clubs throughout Australia.



  • Charge your auxiliary battery whilst driving
  • Cost-effective protection against a flat start battery
  • A safe way to charge your auxiliary battery
  • Compact in size and easy to install
  • Power-saving technology
  • Overmould design
  • Silver contacts for longer life and suitable for marine applications
  • Fault indication
  • Fully surge protected

What dual battery system is best for your vehicle?

It is available in four models; 12 or 24 volt DC incorporating 100 or 200 amp continuous ratings. The range features 100 and 200 amp models, these are designed for extremely heavy-duty operations, as found in industrial, mining and winching applications.

The Smart Start SBI monitors the start battery and the charging system. When the start battery reaches 13.2 volts on a 12 volt system (26.4 volts on a 24 volt system) the solenoid will connect the auxiliary battery to the charging system.

Once the engine has been turned off the Smart Start SBI monitors the start battery voltage and, when this drops below 12.7 volts on a 12 volt system (25.4 volts on a 24 volt system), the solenoid will turn off, isolating the start battery from the auxiliary battery. The Smart Start SBI features sophisticated fault detection and LED indication of operation to warn the user of faults that include over-voltage, voltage drop and excessive current draw conditions. It also features power saving technology, allowing the unit to draw just 120 milliamps and generating less halogen and HID lights.

The Smart Start SBI is better than a diode battery isolator due to the voltage drop associated with diode type isolation. The solenoid features silver contacts for longer life and is suitable for marine applications. The Smart Start SBI incorporates electronic components that will prevent the solenoid from generating high voltage transients making it ideal for use on modern vehicles fitted with computer control systems.

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